Underdogg Elite Hockey Camps

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We develop players from U7 to Jr/Pro by utilizing various technical/tactical skill training sessions. We provide blended skill sessions (various skills) along with skill specific sessions (one skill focused). We use skill continuums and skill progressions to help the athlete understand the technical movement from start to finish. Once the technical movement/skill is taught, we allow time for the athlete to figure things out on their own. This allows them to make movements that are suitable for their specific body.

We add adjustments that we will acknowledge from observation and then we will reevaluate again with the same skill movement, looking for improvements. As soon as we see the athletes have the skill movement/continuum down with confidence we will then add pressure to simulate game scenarios. This allows the athlete to gain confidence with game-like situations for easy transition from practice to game. UEH utilizes small area games to enhance the game situations and to allow the athlete to be creative with reading and reacting. We also use tactical game applications to help the athlete gain an understanding of team systems. We teach these team tactics through various game HABITS, from isolating defenders to create 2v1’s, to picking up rims on a breakout.

We use video analysis to show the athletes what they are doing correctly and if any adjustments need to be made.