2022 Summer Checking Camp

U15 Weekends - Starts July 9



Checking consists of separating the opponent from the puck, utilizing the stick, angling, matching speed, body position and body contact. In this camp the player will be able to identify dangerous areas of the ice where higher percentages of hits are taken. The players will also learn about putting themselves in a vulnerable position and how to avoid those situations and areas of ice with different escape methods. We will instill proper mechanics when delivering and receiving a body check. Each skill component will be broken down and explained to participants step by step to ensure proper technique. Coaches will perform demonstrations of the technical aspect and then incorporate a game situation example.Ie. Defenceman receiving body check after bump pass in Dzone, or counter hit/reverse hits.

Some of the techniques explored in this camp will be as follows:

  • Respect for Contact and Safety of participants and opponents
  • Protecting Yourself in open ice and along the boards
  • Evasive Skating Techniques to escape or spin off checks
  • Pursuit Angles and Pinning Techniques to manage and steer opponents
  • Stick Control and Stick Checks to take away lanes, time and space with stick on puck
  • Open Ice Contact - timing and proper body and stick position
  • Defensive Contact Tactics - receiving body after retrieval and bump pass
  • Hip Checks
  • Contact Along the Boards and Puck Protection

UEH will then let players explore these techniques with controlled drills to ensure the safety of the players, meanwhile the UEH coaches are analyzing and correcting any nuances that any player is exhibiting. Exposing players to these vulnerabilities in a controlled, inclusive, safe environment will help create confidence that will transition from practice to game. UEH looks forward to helping your athlete with their athletic journey!

Ice times time will be posted Early 2023