Team Skills Session

Underdogg Elite Hockey Team Skills Session

U.E.H skills sessions consist of unique skill blending and stacking to optimize performance progressions.

The sessions start with technical skating sequences to inhibit the first stage of the skill blend. Skating is the pinnacle of the game; we utilize this as our foundation before we move into the next progression.

After the technical skating we then will do specific skill stations that will allow the athletes to incorporate the technical skating with puck handling, shooting, checking/angling and any other skills the specific team/players are in need of.

We finish the session off with small area games that will incorporate all the stacked and blended skills that have been worked on in the session.

All Sessions will be Created based on Players Skill Level to guarantee Player Development on a consistent basis.

Please see below for Breakdown of Service

  • 2-Professinal/Certified Instructors (All Instructors are Hockey Canada Certified and High Performance trained in Playing and coaching the game of hockey)
  • U.E.H will Provide Skills Combo Sessions that will Target all Skills that players require to successfully succeed as individuals and teammates for this season and for any future Hockey endeavors.
  • U.E.H will also provide Coach’s with Mentorship and experience to help along the way. (Team Development, Practice Plans, Game Strategies and Special Team system development such as Power Play and Penalty Kill).
  • 1 Hour Team Session $250+GST