The Art of Scoring



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Camp Info:  June 8/23 to July 27/23 

*Thursday Nights 715pm to 815pm Millwood's A Arena *
DATES : June 8,15,22,29 July 6,13,20,27
June  8   MWA    715-815 pm   
June 15  MWA    715-815 pm   
June 22  MWA    715-815 pm   
June 29  MWA    715-815 pm   
July   6   MWA     715-815 pm   
July  13   MWA    715-815 pm   
July  20   MWA    715-815 pm   
July  27   MWA    715-815 pm   
The art of scoring will help your athlete maximize their opportunities to score goals with different shooting/scoring methods and techniques. The art of scoring is designed to provide skaters with technical knowledge of proper shooting mechanics.

Underdogg Elite hockey skill development, specifically related to the art of shooting and goal scoring. Each skill component will be broken down and explained to participants step by step to ensure proper technique. UEH will then have players execute their learnings with dynamic shooting drills designed to simulate game situations. Coaches will perform demonstrations of the technical aspect and then incorporate a game situation example. Ie. changing angle of the shot by pulling puck to feet or pushing puck away to create change of angle to create deception for the goalie. UEH will strengthen player weaknesses which will help create confidence to learn new abilities.

Some of the techniques learned in this camp will be as follows(age dependent):

  • Goal Scoring Tactics & Secrets(shooters illusion)
  • Shooting Techniques - Wrist shot, snap shot, backhand, slapshot, hook shot(from behind the net)
  • Deflections/Redirections and net presence
  • One Timers - traditional open up and hips to net with knee down
  • Accuracy Training - eyes on the prize!
  • Quick Release and deception
  • Deking
  • Changing/Altering Shooting Angles - push/pull

Underdogg Elite Hockey instructors have the highest commitment to excellence. The expectation of the athlete is to bring a positive attitude and relentless work ethic. Our camp is designed to take players to their next level of learning/training helping them along their athletic journey!

All ice times are subject to change depending on registration numbers.

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