Dryland Training / On Ice Skills / 3vs3



Dry land Training

 The Focus will be on strength, conditioning, plyometrics mental focus and different sports play Example soccer/football . The sessions will be run by Elite level Instructors in this specific field of training and will create an opportunity for players to try new things. This Session will be begin 1 hr Prior to ice Time.

 On Ice Skills/3vs3/4vs4

The Main Focus will be on getting players to the Next level and having fun while doing it through a variety of skills training such as puck handling, passing,shooting,checking,conditioning,fast paced decision making, communication and positioning on ice to receive passes and body checks as well as game awareness. These sessions will be directed by Ex pro level, junior level Hockey players and coaches. 3vs3 Mini games will consist of a variety of different small area games that are beneficial to all game type scenarios. We will put teams together and have a tournament throughout the camp playing 3vs3 Small Area and 4vs 4 Full ice followed by Playoffs and Championship games for the final Weekend with prizes for all the players.

 Benefits of 3vs3/4vs4 small area/full ice games:

  • 3 v 3 incorporates more puck touches!
  • Less space and less time equal quicker decision making!
  • 3 v 3 hockey increases puck handling, team play, transition from offense to defense/defense to offense, positioning, give-n-go’s, active sticks, time on the ice, plus much much more.
  • Players who love to play offense get to be creative and will have to learn the defensive side of the game as it transitions so quickly
  • 4vs4 will give Players the opportunity to play full ice at high speed and gain confidence with the puck.
  • 4vs4 will give Defensive players the opportunity to be more active on the offensive side of the game, jumping in with creativity and edgework.
  • Goalies are always in the play, more shots, and more lateral movement which helps conditioning, awareness and positioning. (Professional Goalie Coach on ice)

A great way to prepare and have a game ready mindset for the upcoming season!