Pro Power Skating & Development

In this camp, athletes will understand the fundamentals of power skating techniques, ranging from

  • body checking control (U-15/18 Group Only)
  • specific positional skating
  • edge identification,
  • blade pressure application,
  • stopping/starting,
  • transitions/pivots,
  • c-cuts/pushes,
  • inside/outside edgework,
  • lateral/linear mobility,
  • crossovers,
  • arm swing,
  • toe flick, and proper stance.

These are many fundamental skills that build the foundation of pinnacle skating.

As the fundamentals are being taught we touch on the physics and kinesthetics of skating to help athletes understand why we use these techniques. We establish good, fundamental skating habits by teaching them how to properly execute each technique, eventually progressing to multiple repetitions until the athlete is confident enough to move on with a puck and added pressure to simulate gameplay. T

This helps the athlete understand the application of "where and when" these technical skating maneuvers are to be used. We will instill a positive, safe environment in which athletes will be encouraged to exceed their "comfort zone", so the athlete will be able to increase their skill set.