Yevgeniy Lymanskyy Bio

If you are hard worker - you'll obtain everything what are you dream about!

I born in Ukraine, in Kharkiv city close to Russian border. I was an average kid, till the 9 years old when I was selected by my coach for Hockey Academy, where many successful players were raised, including NHL players.  This moment changed me so much and after that I started working hard on my hockey skills. 

We trained a lot, went to hockey camps in North America and Canada and I was invited to play in Junior Hockey League for full scholarship in USA.

During the time I was selected for Ukraine U18, U20 Ice Hockey National Team.

After that I decide to move forward and I go back to Ukraine and signed my first contract with famous Ukrainian club "Sokil Kyiv".

After that I moved to Poland Extra  Hockey and played 3 incredible seasons on a good level, where was played many players from NHL, AHL, DEL, EBEL.

During the time I received offer from Romanian Hockey League. So, next chapter is coming)

My first club was "Steaua București" - the most titled club in Romania. Also I received an offer from Romanian Ice Hockey Federation to play for the Romania Mens Ice Hockey National Team and I accept it. It was in 2019 - while the process of obtaining citizenship was going on, I trained hard all the time, since I did not have the right to play, this year I gained the most experience and knowledge. When finally I received a Romanian Citizenship and the transition process was completed - I played my first game for the Romanian National Team and it was incredible. After this it was another World Championship, another seasons and it was awesome.

Also in Romania I started my coaching career - I provide camps, trainings, sessions.

I love game so much, but I want move forward and... I decided come to Canada - to forge of hockey talents to share my knowledge and experience. 

My unique power skating program based on experience and revealing the individuality of each player.

So, if you want improve your hockey level today, if you want to change your life - how hockey changed mine, join us and we will mastering your hockey skills.